About recipes

We created GreatGrub to celebrate the gathering of family and friends at a table to enjoy food, stories, and life. Our intentions are to demystify the cooking process and bring it to a level of simple understanding for all to enjoy. To that end we designed GreatGrub to be about community. All the recipes you will find here come from the members. We highlight as recommended content those that we have tried and love and each day we pick out recipes to feature so that you might find gems that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

We encourage authors to share their the recipes they enjoy making themselves. This is not intended to be a gargantuan database of recipes or a forum for flaunting your culinary superiority. This is about down to earth, simple, great food that’s fun to cook.

We have created a standard format for recipes so that they are clear and easy to follow and we encourage a chatty friendly style of writing. You will also find most recipes come with a story. You see it is our belief that great food is only a part of what makes a great meal. As far as we are concerned, it’s not great grub unless you are sitting down with friends and family.

So take a look a look around, try what takes your fancy, and tell us what you think. And then why not share some of your favorites by clicking on the create button on the left of the page.