About recommendations

If you don’t already know by now, GreatGrub is a community of people who are passionate about food and all things connected with it. That passion typically spills over into the tools we use in our kitchens, the essential ingredients our pantries are never without, or the handful of restaurants that we rely on to serve up a consistently good meal.

You may prefer ingredients in your recipes to be measured in dashes and handfuls, but sometimes precision is required. When it is there is probably a set of scales that you rely on that never lets you down. You may know of a rare spice that lifts every stock you make from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And there doubtless is a restaurant that prepares gnocchi in a way that defies the laws of culinary physics. If there is, we want you to share it with all of us in GreatGrub’s recommendations.

In time, we hope that recommendations will provide helpful advice on the very best the food industry has to offer, both regionally and globally. And recommendations means just that, so please no negative reviews, condemnations or blatant self-promotion.