Diana Choi Sachs

Los Angeles 90049
United States

I love to cook. But I married a fine man who cooks better than I do and has far more patience. My young daughters and I are ecstatic to be his guinea pigs in his persistent attempts to perfect his recipes. We are lucky to be the beneficiaries of delicious meals cooked with so much love. To me, good food i.e. GreatGrub equals my best memories with family and friends.

I love to bake. Mostly on the weekends and during the holidays. As a full-time working mom, it’s a good stress buster, fun time with the little ones, and always satiates my sweet tooth.

But mostly, I LOVE TO EAT. Trying all kinds of ethnic foods in the various interesting corners of LA, discovering that perfect family run restaurant, going the distance for the most yummy gelato.