JC Wilson

JC Wilson
Whittier, 90603, United States

Dirty cooking - I think you are on to the makings of a good innuendo filed cookbook!

Here’s some pic’s of my stuffed squid and my “Dancing Chicken.” (Gosh… that sounds kind of dirty.)

That bbq looks like a barrel of fun!


Back in the mid 80’s my baby sister got on a plane in Shannon (Ireland) and flew off to Memphis with her recipe for baby back ribs..arrived at “Memphis in May” and won first prize in her category against some serious old timers with secret old family recipes etc!!!. I can share the recipe with anyone who wants to have it.

It’s calledCarolines Award Winning Baby Back Ribs - Memphos In May


I’m working on some new cocktail recipes, but in the meantime check out my latest new rig. It’s a bbq that my grandfather built. My dad just dropped it off.

Did a pork shoulder in it last week. I could do a whole pig in this puppy. Anyone have any recipes?

Hey JC,

Meyer lemons are almost out of season and that spells an end to my sidecar evenings for the year. Do you have any more cocktail recipes that I can try. I’m in need of a replacement up to the standards of your last recipe.