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Pate Brisee

Pate Brisee is a flaky, buttery dough that is used to make quiche, pie, galette, and tart shells. I made the mini-quiche shown at right by cutting rolled-out dough into small 1.5 inch fluted rounds, … [more]

#825 Star Tip

For decorating cupcakes, I recommend using a #825 star tip (eg, by Ateco or Wilton). You’d want to pipe the frosting in concentric circles on the top of the cupcake starting on the outer edge … [more]

Chantilly Cream

This recipe comes from my Devil’s Food Cupcakes recipe but makes an excellent topping for all kinds of dishes from fresh berries to ice cream sundaes. It’s so versatile that I’ve … [more]

Pluot Coffee Cake

A pluot is a cross between a plum and an apricot…It has a cranberry-blackberry-ish color…with a sweet, slightly tart taste. This recipe is a variation on Nick Malgieri’s Apricot … [more]

Potato Pancetta Parsley Parmesan Pizza

Favorite pizza toppings…potato, pancetta, parsley and parmesan…Can you say this five times in a row really fast?… [more]

Devil's Food Cupcakes

I think Devil’s food cupcakes are heavenly, despite their name. I used a #43 star tip to pipe/spread a chantilly cream frosting on my cupcakes. But the result was “over-the-top … [more]


The word “ sacristain ” refers to puff pastry dough that is formed into the shape of a twist, sprinkled with stuff, and then baked off. I made sacristains using fresh rosemary and thyme. … [more]

Lavender Shortbread

If you grow lavender at home, you probably bake with it too. Here’s a good recipe for lavender shortbread. (Note: To optimize aesthetics, best to use a large-grained sugar for the … [more]

Go-Board Cookies

If you’re looking for something to bake for Father’s Day this Sunday…these cookies present really well. Happy Father’s Day, everbody. “Go” is a traditional board game played in a lot of … [more]

Creme Caramel

Creme caramel, or flan, is supposed to sit in the refrigerator overnight before any unmolding/serving/eating can begin. Refrigeration causes the caramel to harden/solidify and allows the custard to … [more]