Pink Lady® Apple

This apple is a delight! I can never eat too much of it. The aromatic, crunchy flesh fulfills everything I expect from a delicious fruit. Works great in cooking too.

The Pink Lady® is an new bi-colored apple that originated in Australia. It is a cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams which was bred in 1973 by the Agriculture Department of Western Australia.

Lots of sunshine (120 days on average) is what gives Pink Lady® apples their striking sweet and fizzy, champagne-like taste for which they are renowned.

The fruit is medium in size and conical in shape with a distinctive pink blush over a yellow back-ground. The fine-grained flesh is crisp and crunchy. The flesh does not brown easily after the fruit has been cut. The first bite tastes pleasantly tart followed by a delicious sweetness. The fruit ripens in September and is available throughout the fall months.

The tart yet sweet flavor makes this an excellent choice for making apple pie.

Harvest Date: 3rd to 4th week of October Size: 3” to 4” Color: distinctive pink blush over yellow Flavor: sweet-tart

For more information go to: [http://www.pinkladyamerica.org/home.htm]

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