Al Dente's favorites

Potato salad

At the farmers’ market this week I stumbled across some great new potatoes, the kind with the red skin. If I knew what they were called I would tell you! Anyway, my trip to the market coincided … [more]

Cheese Fondue

Nothing like a bunch of people jockeying around a pot of molten cheese brandishing sharp implements impaled with food to get conversations and laughter started. [more]

Ribeye Steak

I am a firm believer in letting the meat speak for itself. Steakhouses that hawk fancy sauces are places that I avoid. If they are famous for their sauce, then I must question why they are covering … [more]


This is a traditional chaser for tequila. Sangrita literally means, “little blood”. This recipe makes about 1 quart. [more]


Here’s a cocktail for those who need a little something extra to get them through the Easter holiday. [more]

Homemade Chocolate Marshmallows

It’s snowing here in the east and nothing is better then coming in from the cold and drinking hot chocolate with these homemade marshmallows or cooking them over a roaring fire. But, be careful, … [more]

Sake Vodka Martini

I was first introduced to this incredible libation at a sushi restaurant in Boston. Rather than vermouth, the bartender substituted sake and instead of olives, a thin slice of cucumber was floating … [more]

Pork Chops in Bourbon, Cherry-Pomegranate Sauce

I had a chef friend who believed all you had to do to to be unique was adapt a cocktail to a food recipe. In a way, he was right. So in honor of him, this recipe is an adaptation of a Manhattan. [more]

Classic Chicken in Vinegar

A classic, French country recipe. The braising of chicken in vinegar helps tenderize as well as providing a delicious tang. [more]

Irish Parsnip Soup

This is one of many variations of this soup that I found in Ireland when I was training as a chef. I came across this recipe in one of the many pubs I frequented. Some places in Ireland make it … [more]