Al Dente's favorites

Sidecar (traditional)

Attributed to Harry of Harry’s New York Bar, Paris, France. Named for a Captain that arrived in a chauffer-driven motorcycle with sidecar, just after the First World War. [more]

Chicken cutlets

The first time my eldest daughter wrote her name, it was with her finger in my breadcrumbs - or so she claimed. Besides impromptu spelling lessons, my kids love to help prepare this dish. They get to … [more]

Chilled melon soup

In the height of summer when melons are in season, I can’t think of a better way to honor this delectable then to totally annul it into a refreshing soup. This starter serves about 6. [more]

Pigs in a blanket

The eighties weren’t kind to comfort food. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but about the same time as when I started dating girls pigs in a blanket went out of style. Maybe it was the … [more]

Fettuccini carbonara

Consider this Italian comfort food. It is the perfect dish for a rainy Sunday that’s got you feeling blah. It’s even better on a Murphy Monday when everything thing that could go wrong … [more]

Snyder’s crabcakes

Years ago I asked my sister’s fiancé if he had a good recipe for crabcakes. Not only had he grown up in and around Baltimore, which is arguably the home of the crabcake, but also he had trained as … [more]

Radicchio pancetta pizza

This recipe is best done with children. Its tastes incredible without them but it won’t be half as much fun. Granted it will take twice a long to generate twice the mess, but trust me it’s worth … [more]

Jorge's black beans with rice

Who knew Jorge could cook? I never would have guessed that this ladies man had it in him. In fact I was teasing him about having to bring something that reminded him of home to our Thanksgiving … [more]