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Pate a Choux

Pate a choux is a light pastry dough used to make sweet things (eg, cream puffs, eclairs, and profiteroles), as well as savory foods (eg, gougere). A photo of my finished product, cream puff, is … [more]

semur hati ayam (soy sauced chicken's liver)

as a girl who live in a dorm for college,i have to eat everything that i can get.mostly, junk food. knowing that it’s unhealthy, i decided to make this easy Indonesian traditional recipe … [more]

London Broil

Okay, so this one is from a long lost book in my mothers kitchen (No idea which one any more). There’s lots of takes on what “London Broil” really is, I have no idea if this is the … [more]

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

Next to the french fry, the chocolate chip cookie is a nearly perfect food. It is without question one of my husband’s favorite things to eat — period. Thus, I was determined to try and … [more]

Bachelor Soup

Sheila, my wife, was away on a course over a full week-end. I was left to look after the five kids. Cooking for them was basic standard and probably not up to GreatGrub level. There was nothing … [more]

Dinner with George and Nancy

We, the users of GreatGrub, call upon the duly elected representatives of the United States to stand up and cook a meal together. Yes we are talking to you Mr President and you Madame Leader. We’ve … [more]

Skillet fried apples

This very ‘country’ dish is a family tradition. It is a sweet-tart and colorful addition to any meal. Great for using those tart apples that are delicious in cooked recipes, though any … [more]

Sidecar (sweet)

Here’s a drink that took me a delightful period of trial and error to master. Now purists such as David Embury insist that a sidecar should not be too sweet. I agree with that sentiment when … [more]

Summer flank steak

There’s something about this recipe that just works on hot summer days. Granted there’s no law against making this on cool winter nights. Maybe it’s the limes, which remind me of margaritas , … [more]

Simple margarita

“What the hell do the British know about margaritas?” That was my first thought when my Welsh born brother-in-law offered to make the margaritas for my daughter’s second birthday party. … [more]