Dinner with George and Nancy


We, the users of GreatGrub, call upon the duly elected representatives of the United States to stand up and cook a meal together. Yes we are talking to you Mr President and you Madame Leader. We’ve heard about your lunch plans and we’re already skeptical of the promises that you have yet to make. The time is ripe to set aside those rotten tomatoes. Nancy you’ve hurled your insults with liberal abandon. George you’ve tossed some spitballs in Nancy’s direction with a conservative zeal. But the votes have been tallied and the mandate screams for you to set aside your differences and to start working together. Two more years of divisiveness and name-calling will get us nowhere.

Therefore a lunch at a high-powered restaurant simply isn’t good enough. You two absolutely need to break some bread and we — the users of GreatGrub — want you to bake that bread. Store-bought rolls will not suffice. The task at hand is considerably too substantial -– the stakes are way too high. After years upon years of partisan animosity, it is time to lead by example. Guide us out of these divisive times and what better way to start than by tying each other’s apron strings.

As any cook will tell you, if you can land multiple dishes on the table with all the trimmings — still hot — then you really ought to be able to figure out how best to handle the economy, foreign policy and even the war in Iraq. In the kitchen, timing is everything and teamwork is essential if you want that meal to turn out right.

This dinner will be no small feat. For you will not only be cooking for your country, but also you will be cooking for your families. Yes, we want the whole Bush clan and the entire Pelosi family sitting around one big dining table. The conversation is bound to be heated so you are going to have to plan your menu well. Choose your cocktail carefully for your icebreaker. Have your loved ones debate the ingredients of your appetizer rather than the state of the nation. Deliver a dry roast for your main course and more than your rump will get chewed. And should you manage to keep your folk at the table long enough to enjoy dessert then the years to come may just turn out a whole lot sweeter.

We implore you, for the good of the nation, to roll up your sleeves, brave the heat of the kitchen and get cooking.

Perhaps you will find inspiration from some of GreatGrub’s recipes or from the suggestions of the GreatGrub community which are sure to follow in comments below.

And then, when the last of the dishes are cleared, perhaps we can coin a new motto: “no morsel left behind.”

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy

I think there are sufficient recipes at GreatGrub to make this a memorable feast. George, why not kick off with a Caesar (helps fend off back-stabbing) and this goes well with Chief’s Cooked Cheerios (after all, it won’t be that long before you will be saying good-bye). Nancy, for a starter what could be better than an East-West Salsa to show that you’ve got the whole nation covered. Then you can make him a Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder to cry on. Work together on the pudding. I suggest a Queer Plum Cake because, let’s face it, things are gonna get pretty funky up on the hill.

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy

At the risk of suggesting the obvious, below is a link for an elephant stew recipe:


Note that the recipe calls for 10 warthogs, but I think we can take the liberty of substituting donkey for a real bipartisan gumbo.

Also note that it serves 3,500, which should be enough for the entire congress, plus Dennis Hastert.

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy

This simply has to be washed down with a Drunken Rumsfeld.

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy

I was always told there are 3 things one never talks about: sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Wait! That’s not right… It’s religion, money, and politics. So I’m hesitant to chime in on this topic, but here goes. I have 2 suggestions for the Bush luncheon.

First, the appetizer should be Humble Pie, so he can eat crow served with a heaping dollop of crushed Republican.

Next, they should hold what the Cajuns call a “Boucherie”, a pig slaughtering party. For the main course, blood sausage (called Boudin noir or Black Pudding) in a blood stew, to go with the blood on his hands!

Be sure to check out the Boucherie Activities:

All very fitting for the upcoming Congress sessions!

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy

I think the voters would like to see George and Nancy try and live with the unfulfilled promise of a plump supermarket turkey, and be disappointed by the non delivery of intensively farmed vegetables followed by the ‘trying to please everybody’ taste of commercially produced apples.

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy

There’s nothing better than a passion fruit sorbet for getting the endorphins pumping.

Although I can’t promise that George won’t think it has something to do with Jesus and Nancy her constituents.

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In addition to thawing their icy relationship, Dubywu and Nancy ahould collectively work with their bipartisan counterparts to deal with the North Korean relationship.

I submit, what better way is there to thaw any relationship than to sit around the negotiation table sharing a hot, spicy, steamy ceramic bowl of Kimchee Chigae. Yes, Kimchee Chigae, rather than any other.

This multi-century old casserole dish would better serve them and the rest of the world by letting them sweat over the fermented cabbage, fine spices, chile peppers, tofu and any other delicacies George and Nancy can agree on. So, rather than giving Kim Jong-il the satisfaction of seeing them sweat over nuclear disarmament, why not mask the sweaty negotiation while chowing down some Kimchee Chigae.

While it may not impress the North Korean leader, George and Nancy are sure to agree that Kimchee Chigae will add more spice to their relationship.

Re: Dinner with George and Nancy