Apple pie recipe?

I have a basket full of apples and a hankering for pie. What I don’t have is a good old fashioned apple pie recipe. Does anybody have one that they are willing to share?

Re: Apple pie recipe?

I just added my great-grandmothers apple pie recipe that has never failed me - not even this Thanksgiving when I baked it to take to meet my boyfriends’ parents. All from scratch right down to the crust. Check out this traditional southern apple pie in the recently posted recipes section. By the way - his mother LOVED the pie!

Re: Apple pie recipe?


I just made your recipe and it was delicious. I was running low on sugar so I used brown sugar instead. I also had a lemon sitting there doing nothing and my handy microplane so I added some lemon zest. No disrespect to Grandmother. I hope she would approve.