Sodium Sources

Are you looking to control your sodium intake? According to the Mayo Clinic in the American diet sodium comes from the following sources:

  • 5% comes from cooking
  • 6% while eating
  • 12% natural sources
  • a whopping 77% comes from processed and prepared foods

Any ideas where best to start? What’s your strategy?

Re: Sodium Sources

My husband’s doctor told him he had high blood pressure and he came home depressed. The silly man thought he would never eat well again. How wrong he was. Here’s what we did.

1) His doctor said to lose weight. So we cut out all the sweets and treats. (I took away his whisky until he lost the 15 lbs.)

2) His doctor said to get exercise. So I pointed him to the garden and told him to grow vegetables.

3) I cooked the vegetables he grew avoiding fancy sauces. They were delicious and we were both happy.

Now his BP is under control, I have an organic garden and Fred has a touch of his precious whisky every now and then.


Re: Sodium Sources

Processed and canned foods they have high sodium level. Avoid those processed foods. Use herbs and spices like garlic, sesame, oregano, basil, pepper and thyme for reducing the sodium content when cooking. No need for added salt.