Crickets and tomatoes

I have harvested some of the most beautiful striped zebra tomatoes and now that the plant has stopped producing I have found some crickets munching away on the leaves. Should I get rid of the crickets or let them munch?

Re: Crickets and tomatoes

Get a nice long cylindrical birdfeeder..about $18…hang it near tomatoes….bye bye crickets..The End

I had a horrendous cricket problem last year..you could put a saddle on some of them!!..they ate my Abutilon ‘Nabob” to the quick..got 3 birdfeeders because I wanted to have lots of birds in the yard…I let the birdfeeder go empty every now and then and the birds came in case I had filled it..they then made short work of any bugs they saw.


Re: Crickets and tomatoes

That’s brilliant! Thanks for the suggestion. The bird feeder is going up the first thing tomorrow.