Aloe for burns?

I am recovering from first degree burns on legs after a clay pot from Chinatown burst while making chicken soup (recipe coming soon). I hear that aloes are very good for burns. I have some succulents growing around my house. Does anybody know which one are good for burns and how to treat the afflicted areas? I could use some guidance.

Thank you.


Re: Aloe for burns?


Sorry to hear about your accident. Aloe is a remarkable plant and all one needs to do is to break a leaf and it will immediately ooze a very soothing viscous liquid that soothes the burn and prevents scarring. When I worked in the hotel Business a chef also told me to run a regular cold water stream from a faucet on a burn (very gently) until the burned area feels so cold that it is mildly frozen. Keep doing this for at least 10 mins..also an excellent remedy. I find the latter really works.

Hope this was some help.


Re: Aloe for burns?


Thank you for that great advice. Just to be sure I am using the right plant do you have a picture you can show me of a proper aloe?

Re: Aloe for burns?