John S
Gwynn Oak, Maryland, 21207, United States

left brain multi-tasker

I am having a cocktail party for 40 people and want to serve just finger food. Any suggestions?

Happy Birthday Cornflakes!

On March 7, 1897: Dr. John Kellogg, serves his patients at his sanitarium (a word he also coined) in Battle Creek, Michigan, the world’s first corn flakes.

The heat in the kitchen is getting to me!

Wow! Neat spelling test. Feed the word!

Learn a word, feed a person!

I have been learning how to work with herbs lately…I made sacristains, using rosemary and thyme. Posted the recipe on my page. -Charlotte

Charlotte you’re back! Missed the updates on your baking. Have anything new?

The farmer’s market is open! Yippy! Eat variety, shop locally.

Hey John, The fajita recipe looks amazing. You call for adobe sauce. Do you have a recipe for that? I’d rather make my own then buy it in a jar.