Linda Andersson
Brentwood, 90049, United States

What happens in the kitchen Stays in the kitchen

Sound advice… but first thing in the morning? In my Spiderman pyjamas?

Hey Linda - I just saw the link to your catering page. Cool stuff. I have the feeling you are a great caterer. People in LA planning a party should definitely look you up.

Just returned from an early evening pig out at Nanbankan on Santa Monica Boulevard. It’s yummy, especially washed down with some hot sake. The oysters are surprisingly good.

I find Mother’s Day lunch is usually a pretty poor experience from the customer’s end too. In the UK Mother’s Day is at the end of March. Last year we went to a local pub that usually does a decent meal at a reasonable price. That day however it was absolutely awful. The service was slow, the order came up in dribs and drabs, some of the food was inedible and the rest was just barely passable. My advice: don’t go out for Mother’s Day, cook for your mum instead.

Why is it that after every Mother’s Day I want to quit the business,,,?? :>) Don’t worry…I am still smiling but this was a ruff day…I am literally covered in bloody mary and fresh squeezed orange juice!! When I have my own restaurant I will celebrate Mother’s Day 3 days so everyone doesn’t HAVE to come on the same day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on GreatGrub!!

Hi LInda. You sound like quite the foodie. I loved how you can keep your joy of cooking even while you are working in the business. I’ve known too many chefs… who become jaded.