Peter Marks
London, United Kingdom

Leo brought round some beef skirt for lunch yesterday. Together with David, we made up some chimichurri sauce and gorged ourselves. Looovely.

Spent the evening at the Taste of London show in Regent’s Park. Those guys know how to make money. They charge the exhibitors for their stands, then they tell them that they have to use a token system for their sales which they take a huge commission on! Oh, and they charge the punters for entry too.

Still, I bought some tasty stuff, made some good contacts and have some great recommendations to publish… watch this space.

Defrosted some bolognese sauce, boiled some pasta then discovered that the bolognese wasn’t bolognese, but chili. I can confirm that chili doesn’t go well with pasta.

Why is it that kids will eat anything if it is on your plate, but turn their noses up when you serve the same foods just for them?

Hi Peter,

Creme caramel recipe posted, as requested. Make sure to refrigerate before unmolding. And, many thanks to you all (yourself, Andrew, David, and John) for creating this wonderful community and resource for foodies.


Thai green curry (without coconut) tonight — so tasty yet so easy.

Did the Summer flank steak this evening. I was in a bit of a hurry so I upped the lime juice. The smell suddenly made me think Tequila, so I poured in a couple of shots and ground some cumin. All-in-all, a twist I would recommend.

Just published my chili recipe. Got a bit deep and philosophical, but hey.

Made another chili today. This time I actually managed to get my act together and make it the day before I wanted to eat it! Seems to have a little more kick than last time. Not sure if it was too much cayenne or just different chilis. Oh well, the mysteries of the black arts.

There’s no such thing as too many chili recipes. My vote is for a separate recipe.

Cooked a great Chili today. It was based on JC’s with some influences from John’s. Leaves me with a dilemma as to whether to post it as a variation in a comment or as a new recipe.

Right on brother! Sausages are up there with the finest of meat products.

I think the sausage has gotten a bit of a bad rap. This is probably because most sausages on the market are just bad sausages. Get a good sausage from a decent butcher or farm and it is a thing of wonder. A bad sausage is a thing of wonder too I guess — you wonder what is in it.

My salad this spring is definitely Blue moon rocket salad (and variations on the theme). I must have made it 10 times in the last 3 weeks.

I loved the story. It was worth the effort!

Now not to be critical but do you think it would have been easier to write had you not continually gone back to “test” and “retest” each whiskey that you were writing about?

Just published my first story on the site. Somehow, they are so much harder than recipes.

Lunch today: avocado mashed on toast, a good squeeze of lemon, some ground red pepper — as a quick, light meal you just can’t beat it.

Made a tortilla tonight for the first time. It was pretty good, but not a patch on the one my friend Bruno made over the weekend. I’ll have to get him to post the recipe — hint.

David and I have spent the last few days building new features for the people section of the site. The result: I can write messages like this one.