Bordeaux's Forgotten Child

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Not often in Bordeaux does a real buying opportunity present itself. 2004 is that vintage. Sandwiched betwen the much hyped ‘03 and ‘05 vintages, ‘04 has become the forgotten child. 2004 is a classic.

For the person who is just stating to explore bordeaux this is a great place to start. The attention spent on ‘03 and ‘05 vintages is merited, they are great, however why overlook a good one in the mild of these two. The prices are not cheap by any means, however compared to ‘03 and ‘05 they are a bargain. The wines will age out for sure, but a vintage like this allows for the wines to be enjoyed younger.

Try Château Lnych Bages
or Château Talbot as a place to start.

If you want to know more or have any thoughts please leave a comment below. Or if you are in New York stop by my shop Premier CRU wine merchants. I am always happy to chat Bordeaux.

Re: Bordeaux's Forgotten Child

Great tip, thanks. There are few finer things in life than a good Bordeaux. I love a bottle with my lamb shank recipe. It works well with the layers of flavour the dish presents. Doubtless you will consider me a Philistine, but I also would keep a glass back for pudding, especially if there is some heavy chocolate involved.

Re: Bordeaux's Forgotten Child

I love a good Bordeaux with Steak Frites. There’s a juicy ribeye recipe for those of you looking for a hearty steak and french fries (cut thin).

Re: Bordeaux's Forgotten Child

I agree with your sentiments about Bordeaux in general and the ‘04 in particular. Perhaps New York is diferent from London; your recommendations are in the upper price bracket here. Perhaps a more reasonably priced alternative could be recommended as a Bordeaux starter.

Personally, I love both the Lynch Bages and the Talbot, but I question whether you will get the most out of them if drunk too young? Surely, with time they will both improve beyond recognition. I still have bottles of both in my cellar and am looking forward to opening them, but only when the time is right. The Lynch Bages 1986 should be a wonderful wine. I am saving it for a special occasion later in the year.

If I am ever in New York, I’ll be sure to call in for the chat.

Happy drinking

Re: Bordeaux's Forgotten Child

A guest brought a bottle of the Château Lnych Bages to dinner last night. it was delicious. If this is where Bordeaux’s begin, then by all means tell me more. I fell in love at first sip.

As for my dinner guest… he’s invited back anytime (so long as he brings the wine)