Halen Mon Spiced Sea Salt

The Anglesey Sea Salt Company Ltd
Isle of Anglesey
Wales. LL61 6TQ
+44 (0) 1248 430871

Outstanding salt. In particular, the Spiced Sea Salt is a wonderful addition to just about any dish.

Re: Halen Mon Salt

I love this salt! It works perfectly as finishing salt to make just about any dish pop. It brings a lot of flavor and is best with chicken and meats and I recently had some where the salt was used in the preparation and the flavor not only held up but added a nice depth to the dish.

So what is nice about the Halen Mon Spiced salt is that it is versatile. It works well as both a finishing salt to make flavors pop and a cooking salt to add depth to dishes.

Re: Halen Mon Spiced Sea Salt

My lentils in the crockpot were bland and I searched high and low in my spice cabinet for just the right spice to kick up the flavor a few notches. I had received this spiced salt as a holiday gift and threw some in - voila - it was just what the doctor ordered. The spiced salt added a perfect depth of flavor.

I highly recommend having some on hand.

Re: Halen Mon Spiced Sea Salt