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LA designer extraordinaire!

My good friend, Gillian, is the best interior designer in LA. Bar none. Don’t believe me? Well check out her amazing work by clicking on the official link above and see for yourself. Trust me, … [more]

Cucumber and basil martini

A martini is never going to be a tame drink – there’s just too much power in the barely diluted alcohol – but this lovely version is aromatic and elegant. It’s a huge favourite at our … [more]

Doing it Alone

You’ve always been sociable, enjoying, with your partner, the preparation of great meals and the pleasure you get from sharing a good gastronomic evening with friends. But what if something … [more]

Guinness beer burger

I read an interesting article in The Guardian recently that examined all sorts of weird additions that can make a great “gourmet” burger. To be honest, I think the use of the word “gourmet” … [more]

Simple pasta with tomatoes and garlic

I used to have a funny relationship with pasta. I loved it almost above all food, and yet I was frequently too scared to cook it. I think it all went a bit belly-up for me after visiting Italy for … [more]

Chipotle Aioli

I make this to go with the great Cuban sandwiche recipe. On reflection, this chipotle aioli adds zest to just about everything so is worthy of its own page! Try it with steaks, eggs, sturdy … [more]

Accidental pasta with Italian sausage

I had dinner planned to a tee. I made fried chicken, sweet potato mash and broccoli for my daughter and me, her two play-date buddies and their mother. I didn’t account for the extra guests … [more]

The Modern Mixologist: Tony Abou-Ganim

What do we look for in a cookbook? In no particular order, I might suggest a good recipe, inspiration, permission to be creative and, importantly, entertainment. With that in mind, if you are going … [more]

Spinach and fennel soup

Here’s the thing… I wish I had a romantic story of how this soup came into our lives, but it is really just an accident that is a product of the ingredients I had bought at my local … [more]

Potato salad

At the farmers’ market this week I stumbled across some great new potatoes, the kind with the red skin. If I knew what they were called I would tell you! Anyway, my trip to the market coincided … [more]