Patrón Añejo Tequila

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There are a number of fine tequilas on the market, but when I am in the mood to splurge I head straight for the Patrón Añejo. In my mind it is the definitive margarita tequila. The subtle smoky taste of the aged agave (12 months) in small white oak barrels mixed with that slamming agave kick add up to a tequila that I recommend without reservation when you want to mix the perfect 3-2-1 Margarita.

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This is my favorite as well. Which do you use for your margaritas? I find that the silver has a nice clean taste that does not interfere with the lime and cointreau. We save the gold for sipping.

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Actually I prefer the gold for margaritas, provided you don’t add sugar. There is something about that smokey taste that sets my tastes buds on fire. Lots of people like the silver for the very reason you point out. And yes, yes yes the gold is also a perfect sipping tequila.

I found a recipe on this site called Sangrita that is a lot of fun to sip with tequila. Granted it’s origins lie in the power to mask the harsh flavor of cheap tequila. But that said I enjoy using the sangrita as a palate cleanser between sips much in the way the Japanese use pickled ginger between bites of sushi.

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