Peacock Family Farms Raisins

One of my favorite stands at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market is the Peacock Family Farms. They always have a friendly smile and are lovely to chat with. But the truth is that it is their raisins that keep me coming back. One taste of these plumb beauties and you will never eat dried out raisins from a box again. This is how raisins should taste.

They have many varieties to choose from. The Thompson Seedless are my favorites. You won’t go wrong no matter what variety you choose.

They ship throughout the US. and if you happen to be in the Santa Monica area, be sure to stop by their stand at the farmer’s market.

Re: Peacock Family Farms Raisins

I second Andrew’s recommendation. Moreover, so does my daughter, aged 16 months. She has become quite addicted such that on a recent trip abroad I had to stock up with 2 packets lest we ran out! Not only are they are incredibly good, they are free of sulphates which makes me feel a little better as I watch her overdose on them!