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Tomato sauce with sausage

Here is a simple dish for fresh tomato sauce with pasta made from whole tomatoes. It takes some time to simmer the sauce, but this process has the added benefit of making your home smell wonderful. … [more]

Thanksgiving Cranberry Chutney

Here is a delicious cranberry chutney that will make your Thanksgiving feast a special one. You can prepare this well in advance and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Makes: enough for … [more]

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Design With Cooking in Mind

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Are your about to spend a small fortune and want to ensure that your new kitchen functions as well as it looks? Then regardless of whether or not you are … [more]

72 Market Street Meat Loaf

For those of you fortunate enough to have dined at 72 Market Street in Venice, CA you know how good the food was. The restaurant was founded by filmmaker Tony Bill and actor Dudley Moore in 1983. … [more]

T.L.A.R. Mojito

Our friend Tony loves to fly. And once he lands he mixes a fabulous mojito. He claims the secret comes from an old flying term known as T.L.A.R. which translates to “That Looks About … [more]

Perfect poached egg

A soft boiled egg is one of those perfect weekend treats and here is a recipe that makes it as easy as a Sunday morning. [more]

Buster Brown whiskey sour

This is a really nice vairaiton on the traditional whiskey sour cocktail . [more]

Traditional whiskey sour cocktail

Few cocktails have fallen on harder times than the whiskey sour. Once an elegant and sophisticated cocktail filled with the aura or romance, the drink has been lowered to the level of gutter swill … [more]

Feta cheese and balsamic glazed onion omelet

This morning I paid tribute to our local, cosmopolitan cuisine in an off-the-cuff omelette that was part Greek, a dash of Italian, a hint of Mexican and, above all, a good dose of GreatGrub. [more]

Skirt steak with salt and pepper

Skirt steak is a terrific and distinctive cut of beef with a really nice rich nutty flavor that needs little seasoning. The steaks are thin and long and they cook fast over a high heat. Best of all, … [more]