Sprout Creek Farm Ouray

34 Lauer Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

This artesian cows milk cheese is rich and delicious. I tasted it for the first time at a makers night for cheese at one of my favorite cheese shops and the Ouray stood out from a pack of excellent cheeses. I have had it many times since. The Sprout Creek cheese maker claims that Ouray it is great for grilled cheese - I’ve never waited that long.

If you can’t find the Sprout Creek Ouray in your local shop you can always purchase from direct from the maker. And of course be sure to get your local shop to carry it too. It’s that good.

Re: Sprout Creek Farm Ouray

My apologies to the GreatGrub cheese lovers outside the US. You are simply going to have to share your favorite cheeses and leave us salivating.