Seafood to avoid- west coast of America

Here’s a list from the Monterey Bay Aquarium of farmed and wild caught fish to avoid.

While not all farmed fish are bad for the environment or the consumer, some generate more waste, environmental damage, and or health issues than others. Additionally some stocks of wild fish are being over fished which could lead to potentially disastrous results for the fish as well as for the fishermen.

Fish to AvoidWhy
Caviar (wild-caught)over fished
Chilean Sea Bass (toothfish)over fished
Atlantic Cod over fished (wild)over fished
King Crab (from Russia)over fished
Grenadier (US Pacific Ocean)over fished
Monkfishover fished
Orange Roughyover fished, mercury
Salmon (farm raised only)environmental impact, pcp’s & dioxins
Black Tiger Shrimp (imported)environmental impact
Sturgeon (wild caught)over fished, mercury
Swordfishenvironmental, mercury
Bluefin Tunaover fished

This list is ever changing.

If you see something has changed (hopefully for the best) please make adjustments so that your fellow users can stay informed.

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