Bluecoast Shrimp

My favorite shrimp recipe. It is easy and distinctive. Enjoy. Serves: 4 adults Cook Time: 5 minutes [more]

Mini Crab Cakes

These tasty mini crabcakes will have your party guests clamoring for more. For big parties I make them up to a day before and simply reheat in the oven when it’s time to serve. [more]

Lemon Sea bass

It may not be cheap and it may not by environmentally correct, but every once in a while I can’t resist cooking up some sea bass. It’s easy to make and the high price point limits my … [more]

Chinese salmon steak

This recipe is a very fast dinner when you serve it with your favorite salad or steamed vegetables. The whole recipe takes only 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish. Serves 4 [more]

Chesapeake Crab Fritters

These little fritters pack the taste of the Chesapeake Bay region into tasty little morsels. This recipe makes about 8 servings. [more]

Spiced Coconut Shrimp with Tangy Orange Dipping Sauce

I adapted this recipe that my chef friend, Chris, passed along to me.This has become one of my favorites. The spices counter balance the sweetness of the coconut. When this is dipped into the orange … [more]

Sticky fish

Here’s a tip to help keep your fish from sticking to the grill. First clean your grill well. Once the grill is good and hot, dip a paper towel into a small bowl of canola oil and wipe across … [more]

Cooking Fish

When cooking fish over a high heat source I recommend covering the fish with thick cut lemon slices. Not only do the juices infuse down into the fish, but they help keep the moisture from escaping. [more]

Shrimp, frozen or fresh

According to Alton Brown , our beloved TV chef, unless you are sure the shrimp is today’s catch, only buy frozen shrimp. Alton says, “Ice block shrimp is best, but individually frozen is … [more]

Seafood to avoid- west coast of America

Here’s a list from the Monterey Bay Aquarium of farmed and wild caught fish to avoid. While not all farmed fish are bad for the environment or the consumer, some generate more waste, … [more]

Farmed Fish - fair or foul?

Conventional wisdom says that farmed fish is a dirty word, but farming can be a good thing. As a general rule of thumb if the fish is vegetarian than farming is probably good, if the fish is a … [more]

Frozen Fish

Frozen fish can be a good thing so pay no heed to the myth that fresh is necessarily best. Think about it. Fish is often caught way out in the ocean by a trawler that’s out to sea for weeks at … [more]

Snyder’s crabcakes

Years ago I asked my sister’s fiancé if he had a good recipe for crabcakes. Not only had he grown up in and around Baltimore, which is arguably the home of the crabcake, but also he had trained as … [more]

Skillet seared scallops

Michael Palin famously stated in a Monty Python sketch, “All I ask of food is that it doesn’t harm me”. Let’s face it; in our over-anxious, cotton wool-lined, bacteria- rein homes it ain’t … [more]

Linguine with clams

This dish requires a little bit of work, but trust me it’s worth it. My obsession began with a simple outing to our favorite Italian restaurant. I had always thought of linguine with clams as a … [more]

Pan-fried fish

Apparently fish is good for you – that is if it doesn’t kill you first. The good news is the oil in fish not only makes you live longer, but it also makes your offspring smarter. No kidding, … [more]

Cleaning clams and mussels

Bivalves hate cornmeal. I hate grit. So to get rid of the grit I soak my mine in a bed of cornmeal in cold water for at least half an hour. Also, I am careful to remove them from their nice little … [more]

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