29 minute meals

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Sometimes we are in a hurry. Sometimes we just want a quick meal. Either way, fast food does not mean having to compromise on quality. Nor do we need to resort to opening tins or slicing open packets of processed food to get things moving.

Here are some suggestions for great dishes you can have in 29 minutes or less (yes, Rachel, great ingredients, great results and commercial-free). Please feel free to add your ideas for great, fast meals.

Re: 29 minute meals

For a fast pasta dish, try Lemon spaghetti. A decent steak can be brought to the table in minutes (remember to leave time for it to rest though). A great salad alongside a steak never goes amiss.

It is equally possible to prepare fancy, dinner-party-ish dishes in no time at all. For instance, try this.

Re: 29 minute meals