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The Seder night meal is a challenging one to pull off. Think about it. You probably have a houseful, you may have an hour at the table before the food comes out (which means you won’t want to fuss in the kitchen too much) and when it is time to eat, your guests are going to want the food on the table pronto.

My suggestion below worked really well this year. I made the matzah balls ahead of time, and warmed them in the chicken soup (which I had cooked the day before). Same thing with the kugel.

I have little doubt that you have your own traditions and secrets for the perfect Seder meal. If you do, please add them below.

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Have some chopped liver on the table. It is great with matzah and allows your guests to tuck into some food while you prepare the soup. Of course, no Seder is complete without chicken soup with matzah balls. For the main course, try a roast leg of lamb roasted with balsamic glaze. Into the roasting dish, place a handful of large beets which cook beautifully in their skins in the juices that flow from the meat. Roast potatoes can be par-boiled well ahead of time, and put in the oven an hour before eating. A simple, quick-to-cook green vegetable works well alongside this. Try rapini, steamed or pan-fried (cooks in a minute or two). Traditionally, kugel accompanies the main course, but I love this recipe for dessert along with a bowl of fresh fruit in the centre of the table.

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Finding kosher lamb can be difficult in the in the US. I don’t know why this is, but I have had difficulty with this in the past. If strict kosher is your concern you may want to investigate availability before you commit to this delicious menu.

Rotisserie chicken Passover menu

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If you have a rotisserie this a a great option. Not only does the chicken taste amazing, but also you can lower the heat and keep the bird nice and warm and spinning should your seder drag on and on.

Make the kugel and the soup in advance. Reheat the soup and preheat the oven to 400°F roughly fifteen minutes before you will be ready to eat. Put the kugel and the asparagus in the oven just before you serve the soup and they will be ready to eat when you are.

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