A well made cocktail can be the perfect start to the meal. Be it an excuse to kick off an afternoon brunch, invite your friends over for a happy hour get together, or a prelude to gourmet feast, GreatGrub has a variety of cocktail recipes from which to choose.

Popular Cocktail Recipes

Black Velvet
Bitter Martini
Brandy Alexander (traditional)
Gin Martini (traditional)
Gin and tonic
Honeydew Margarita
Meyer Lemon Sidecar
Mohala Mango Maragrita
Piña Colada
Sake Vodka Martini
Sidecar (traditional)
Sweet Margarita
Sex on the beach
Silver Gin Fizz
Traditional Tom Collins
Uptown Margarita
Vodka Martini
Vanilla/Lime Martini
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Celebrate the Chimayó

Celebrate! The tyranny of the margarita has finally come to an end! … Well sort of, because I have to admit this is one regime we at GreatGrub are not really ready to toss out of office. But now at least we have choice, and a two party system is better for all involved. And in honor of superior choices, we offer up the Chimayó Cocktail, a creation credited to Arturo Jaramillo, owner of the Rancho de Chimayó restaurant in Chimayó New Mexico way back in 1965, and the Sparkling Chimayó created by GreatGrub founder Andrew Sachs over a the course of an idyllic weekend in 2008. Just like the blessed margarita, the Chimayó Cocktail is a delightful sipping drink while the Sparkling Chimayó is the younger, sexier, and sweeter cousin.

Fun Cocktail Recipes

3-2-1 Margarita
Bloody Mary
Between the Sheets
Cuban Peach
Dizzy Blonde
Fluffy Duck
Gin Fizz
Harvey Wallbanger
Mai tai
Mandarin and Honey Caipirinha
Mexican Caesar
The Mexican Currant
Sidecar (sweet)
The David Lawrence
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Every Cocktail has a Story

Every drink has a story and some of the best writers enjoy writing about cocktails. Sample a few today.

Cocktail Stories

Cocktail Origins
Cocktail Anxiety
Cocktail Nation
Down a Winding Street (Thinking of Drinking)
The Bitter Truth - a Cocktail Test
The Rise and Fall of the Martini

Reference & Recommendation

Bar kit
David Embury
The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks
Simple syrup
Oxo citrus juicer
Vita-Mix Professional Blender
Vintage spirits & forgotten cocktails
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The Cocktail Song

I like them big, I like the small, I like them all
Give me sweet ones with fruit, hot ones with cream
Pour me strong ones, sour ones, bitter ones on the side
I like them, I mean I really like them, I like all kinds of cocktails
Mix them, shake them, bring me one right now
Give me cocktails, lots of cocktails, I‘d like one with every meal!

Diddy by the giddy Al Dente

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Classic Cocktail Recipes

Gin Martini (traditional)
Vodka Martini
Vodka Martini
Silver Gin Fizz
Gin and tonic
Bloody Mary

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