Cucumber and basil martini

A martini is never going to be a tame drink – there’s just too much power in the barely diluted alcohol – but this lovely version is aromatic and elegant. It’s a huge favourite at our … [more]

Sour Margarita

This sour margarita recipe is simple and delicious. Provided you can remember 1-1-1 it is also easy to prepare. The key is using triple sec liqueur which provides just the right amount of sweetness. … [more]

T.L.A.R. Mojito

Our friend Tony loves to fly. And once he lands he mixes a fabulous mojito. He claims the secret comes from an old flying term known as T.L.A.R. which translates to “That Looks About … [more]

Buster Brown whiskey sour

This is a really nice vairaiton on the traditional whiskey sour cocktail . [more]

Traditional whiskey sour cocktail

Few cocktails have fallen on harder times than the whiskey sour. Once an elegant and sophisticated cocktail filled with the aura or romance, the drink has been lowered to the level of gutter swill … [more]

Meyer Lemon Gin Fizz

This is a really nice varaition of the Silver Gin Fizz recipe which you can make anytime Meyer lemons are in season. This is a naturally smoother than the standard version as the Meyer lemon blends … [more]

Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

The old fashioned whiskey cocktail is making a comeback. I couldn’t be more thrilled. [more]

Caipirinha Cocktail

The Caipirinha can safely be called the national cocktail of Brazil. After all it is made with the country’s distinctive rum variety cachaca. For the uninitiated, the Brazilian rum is made by … [more]

Sparkling Chimayó Cocktail

Celebrate! The tyranny of the margarita has finally come to an end! … Well sort of, because I have to admit this is one regime I am not really ready to toss out of office. But now at least we have … [more]

Chimayó Cocktail

The tyranny of the margarita , has finally come to an end! … Well sort of, because I have to admit this is one regime I am not really ready to toss out of office. But now at least we have … [more]

Lemon Drop

Here is my variation on the lemon drop cocktail. It’s simple, fun and great for parties. Serve in a martini glass. [more]

Black Velvet

It used to be that the world was divided into two distinct categories — those that politely sipped champagne and those who guzzled beer. But now there is a cocktail that combines the urbane … [more]

Christmas Bowl of Bishop

For Charles Dickens, Christmas wasn’t Christmas without a steaming bowl of punch. “A Merry Christmas, Bob!” says the reformed Scrooge to Bob Cratchit, as he claps him on the back. … [more]

Bishop on the Rocks

A smoking bishop is a winter warmer dating back to 18th Century England, when streets were a-wash with sewage and baths were taken on the last Thursday of the month. The Smoking Bishop would fill the … [more]

Chilled añejo

It was an accident waiting to happen. I was out of Cointreau, had only one half of a lime in the house and my ice-tray was empty. But I needed a drink and the fabulous añejo in the drinks cabinet … [more]

Silver Gin Fizz

Dry gin came of age in the golden era of the cocktail, and in the ’30s and ’40s there were more gin cocktails than any other kind. Among those hundreds of gin drinks is the Gin Fizz, … [more]


There’s nothing like a holiday gathering with family to send one screaming for the cocktail cabinet. So why not kick your holiday feast off with a festive pumpkin cocktail that will whet their … [more]

Mohala Mango Maragrita

Here’s an engaging a twist on the simple margarita that you won’t see everyday. [more]

Honeydew Margarita

Here is a nice twist to the simple margarita. Note the use of lemon instead of lime. I also find that a slice of fresh honeydew as a garnish makes for a perfect compliment to the drink. [more]

Strawberry Margarita

There are many great fruit flavoured variations of the margarita. When strawberries are in season this one is my favorite. [more]

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