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Cooking is a chemistry experiment, and I am a Chemist!

Tomorrow, for a Superbowl party, I’m making 7 racks of my Baby Back Ribs accompanied by Garlic Stir Fried Green Beans, Corn Souffle, and Homemade Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. Mmmm!!! All my friends are already watering at the mouth in anticipation.

Ham and cranberry-goat cheese sandwiches — that is a recipe I would love to try. I may even share the sandwich with my kids.

On a whim I made ham and cranberry-goat cheese sandwiches today. The kids loved them!

8/15/07: Oh my gosh! I just had a Bay’s English Muffin with homemade mango jam and I think I’m in heaven! Thank you, Mother Nature.


It is a wonderful thing to preserve the tastes of summer for the rest of the year. I can only recommend you buy some pectin (there are now several types including ‘all natural’) and follow the recipes included.

Last summer I made mango, strawberry, mango-strawberry, blueberry, pluot, muscat grape, jalepano-pepper (ask Andrew about it), and plum. Most of it was given away, which is half the reason I cook, and enjoyed throughout the year.

When I was growing up in the Midwest, blackberry was always my favorite. Probably it’s because we picked wild blueberries ourselves, returning home covered in scratches and scrapes from the thorns. But mmmmm, it was so worth it. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

All my best, Beth

Hello Beth,

I loved reading about your mango jam and your commitment to seasonal cooking. It is a seasonal pleasure that seems to be slipping away. I’d like to put up some jams as well. Do you have any jam recipes for seasonal fare appropriate to the east coast where I live? Blackberries and strawberries are all growing in abundance this summer and I’d love to still be enjoying them in December.

Thank you,

Slowhand (Sheila)

Late summer is one of my favorite times of year. It’s the best time for fresh fruit and vegetables, and it’s time to start making jam (starting with Mango Jam)! Today, August 11, 2007, is the start of several weeks of tasting, feeling, smelling, and peeling. Fruit, of all kinds, to be preserved in the sweet, sticky splendor called JAM. I’ll be enjoying this time of year for months to come.

I have never canned vegetables, though I want to try. My mom used to can everything; she even made her own pickles. Nothing ever tasted so good as home grown veggies in the middle of winter! We’ll see..

They all sound great. My vote is for your pot roast recipe first. Ever since I read your story the life of a pot roast I have been salivating for it.

Of course, I’m always thinking about new recipes to add to Great Grub! But I’m too busy cooking them to type them up. Looking forward to adding these soon: Sweet Sweet Potato, Biscuits & Gravy, Pot Roast, Easiest Baked Potato, Cilantro Chicken, Vegetarian Chili, Rosemary Cake, Apple Cake, Red Beans and Rice…

Hey Beth great picture — all about the family! Are you thinking about any new recipes? I’m looking forward to trying something new.