The life of a pot roast

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Growing up we were all served certain dishes on a regular basis. This one brings back fond memories for me of cold days, delicious aromas throughout the house, and great variety in eating the same simple dish.

We don’t eat much beef any more, but occasionally, when the leaves start to fall, the wind blows and there’s a chill in the air, I can’t help but want to make this delicious and filling meal.

Mom would pull out a big cooking pot and drop in the large roast, cover it with seasonings and fill with water. Hours would go by as the meat was made more tender, juicy and flavorful. She would occasionally turn it as we all waited for the right time to add the veggies. Then plop, potatoes and carrots would be dropped in. Soon it would be time to eat!

First day, we eat it sliced on the plate with vegetables on the side. A little au jus poured over the top.

Second day, my favorite - it was French Dip time. Dip the sliced side of the bread in the juice, slather on some mayo, the pile high with slices of roast. A little bowl of au jus on the side and Mmmm!

Third day, we’d have it as soup. Slightly chop the beef and put it in a bowl with the vegetables and the juice. Some tasty crackers to go with and life was heaven.

If there was any left, it was Sloppy Joe time. Chopped beef, dash of ketchup, Worchester, and bbq sauce, piled high on a hamburger bun or dinner roll, made a tasty, messy, sloppy, juicy treat!

Finally, though rare, Mom would make Roast Beef Hash. She’d chop the remaining beef, then stir-fry with some potatoes. Great with scrambled eggs.

At last, it was gone and so was the week. Such little effort for so many easy meals. That’s down home, tummy-fillin’ cooking!

P.S. This should not be confused with an Oven Roast, another delicious and filling regular in my house growing up. Though similar, the ingredients and method for eating are different. When I get the time, I’ll share these great family recipes.

Re: The Life of a Pot Roast

OK, that’s just not fair! By the end of the story I am salivating. Is it really that easy.. beef, water, seasoning? C’mon Beth, give it up… how did she really do it?

Re: The life of a pot roast

Please add the recipe! I know it sounds easy but I’ve ruined a roast or two and your story has me dying to make one!!

Re: The life of a pot roast

Since I wrote this story, way too long since I wrote this story, I’ve made a couple of Pot Roasts. Unfortunately I never wrote down the recipe details and thus have not put the recipe on GreatGrub. I did manage to take pictures one evening when serving tasty little sandwiches, French Dips if you will. The family loved it and yelled for more.

Soon, on a cold, windy, rainy day I’ll bring out the big cooking pot and plop a roast on the stove, smell up the house and relish in the tastes of hot food and good memories. Then, I’ll share my recipe with you…

Re: The life of a pot roast