Mango Jam

It is August 2007 and the mangos are finally perfect. After tasting and testing over the past several weeks, the beauties from Mexico are finally ready. They must have perfect taste and texture to go into MY jam!

Never made jam before? It’s easier than you think and well worth the effort. The hardest parts are slicing the fruit, and keeping some of the jars for yourself. Go for it!


  • 5.5 cups chopped mango pulp (about 5 large mangos)
  • 8.25 cups cane sugar
  • ½ tsp butter
  • 1 box SureJell fruit pectin


  • 1 wooden spoon (for stirring)
  • 1 large laddle
  • 1 large bowl, 1 medium bowl
  • Wet and dry ingredient measuring cups
  • 1 very large cooking pot
  • 1 small saucepan
  • 8-10 8oz jelly jars, screw bands and flat lids
  • 1 wet papertowl


  1. Chop/dice mango. Measure exact amount needed.
  2. Measure exact amount of sugar.
  3. Follow directions exactly from the box of SureJell.
  4. Fill jars immediately! Wipe rims, invert for 5 minutes. (Now SureJell recommends using a canner. I’ve not done this in all the years I and my mom have been making jam and all has been fine! If you don’t have a canner, fill the jars with boiling water, before starting to cook, let stand one minute, then empty and dry upside down.)
  5. Wait 24 hours (if you can) and enjoy!

What you should know

This jam is best enjoyed with a little butter on on lightly toasted Bays English Muffins, found in your grocer’s refrigerated section. Not bad poured over vanilla ice cream either!

!! Best to keep the kids out of the kitchen !!

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