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Hi Cesar-

I am happy you to help your find Peruvian recipes. My mother was a great cook. I will post them soon and contact you when they are ready. Is there any thing that you love?


Hola Cesar-

Estoy feliz de poder ayudarte a encontrar recetas peruanas.Mi madre fue una gran coinera.Espero mandarte esta infomation cunando este lista.Es todo por el momento.


Hola Carmen

Soy peruano y siempre busco recetas de la comida de nuestro pais por internet, me gustaria saber donde puedo obtener un recetario tuyo en ingles mi cunada es americana y le encanta la cominda peruana, asi como prepararla, quiciera regalarle uno.

Bought a ham and cheese sandwich in a store. It was rubbish. I had to throw it away. I wish I’d made my own. How much money (and food) do we waste for the sake of convenience?

Today is Mac & Cheese day! Yesterday at a museum my kids had some over priced junk from a box served by the cafeteria. It made us all long for a proper dish of mac and cheese. How parents ever came to believe that the stuff from the box it is healthy and wholesome is beyond me. Perhaps it is because they put “organic” on the box. My recipe may not be organic but it is a 100% homemade wholesome treat.

I like museums, amusement parks, day-out places for kids, etc. I have yet to find one with food that is both reasonable and priced well. Sure, some might do a decent salad… but must you really have to pay through the nose for it? I reckon it always pays to take your own.

Make mine a picnic please.

As food prices continue to increase and the US slips into a what is likely to be a deemed a recession, there are increasing reports of Food Banks feeling the pinch just at the point when the need for their services is growing.

Just today the Wall Street Journal reported that food banks are being forced to make up for government cutbacks at the very moment that people have less to give and more families in dire straights are turning up at their doors.

So why not take a minute from your dinner plans to help make sure that other families will have a meal as well. Follow the link for a Google directory of food banks by state. Even a little bit can go a long way to ensure that the family meal stay intact in good times as well as hard times.

I recently received this email from one of the Veggie Mamas of Nepal. They have been active contributors to the GreatGrub community and are clearly applying the same compassionate approach to the strife that is tearing apart their country as they do to the creation of their Mashpo Momo with Sauce

Dear Andrew,

Personally, we are a family that believes strongly in the power of prayers, non-violence and compassion. So we are not going out to the streets. As a Tibetan practicing the teachings of non-violence and compassion, I look through the eyes of a global citizen, and feel tremendous loss and pain that another group of people in the world who kept to the path of non-violence has been forced to resort to harming others. Please pray that the compassionate nature of Tibetans and the international community (including the Chinese in mainland China) will find some ways to stop this whole thing from escalating and resulting in “cultural genocide” - for the sake of the world and not only for Tibetans.

Read their story for more: Losing a bit of compassion

Here I am in the kitchen at the American Academy in Rome. I am pitting black di Gaeta olives to make tapenade. We added blood orange rind and juice to the tapenade.

Happy Birthday Cornflakes!

On March 7, 1897: Dr. John Kellogg, serves his patients at his sanitarium (a word he also coined) in Battle Creek, Michigan, the world’s first corn flakes.