What people are shouting

Whoops! I cracked an egg unloading the groceries. It’s still good. Any thoughts on what I should do with it? I’d hate to see it go to waste after all that hard work the chicken did.

End the tyranny — Believe!

There is a growing lobby of like-minded folk who are crying for change — these are people who want nothing less than to once again be able to simply Believe. As you may have guessed we are fed up. I can only imagine that after years of abuse you too are ready to stand up and fight for your rights to a quality cocktail. Yes the tide is turning as a gaggle of fervent grassroots activists (David King Lassman & myself) announce the dogma for a new century.

You see, in an effort to encourage some quality control in bars across the land, and in the hope that restauranteurs, landlords, publicans, ex-investment bankers turned part-owners of fancy bars — indeed any Tom, Dick or Hillary who has any interest in serving cocktails to the public – GreatGrub proposes the Dogma of the Cocktail. We demand that a set of standards is put in place against which all cocktail makers and shakers must abide. It’s not a complicated list. Nor is it complete. But in time, we hope to take it to the highest authorities in hope that it be ratified as an Imbibing Law and restores the cocktail to the heady days of its pomp.

I ask that you read about Spiritual Dogma and I urge you, for the sake of your drink (and mine), to add a suggestion of your own. At the very least, please show your support to this urgent political action by leaving a comment.

May the days of the mocktail be behind us… Long live the cocktail!

Love to see vegetables and flowers growing beautifully in good soil.


New rule: If you don’t have limes then for God’s sake don’t make a margarita!

My latest creation in the Palisades…3 weeks old today…plants are thriving


I used to think that I did not like cocktails. Then I realized that I had never had a proper cocktail. Oh what a difference a measured pour makes.

Now is the time to grow your own. Have you seen the prices in Whole Foods?

John, your business is inspirational and timely!

Congratulations John on the Los Angeles Times article covering your many great achievements in organic landscape design.

We all can eat tastier and cheaper by following a few of your simple kitchen garden guidelines.