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Vanilla Extract

Making your own vanilla extract is easy, cheaper and a lot of fun. Best of all the vanilla bean is kept moist and ready for use. [more]

Pitfire Pizza Company

There are times in every cooks life when all they want is good pizza in a nice pizza parlor. And for those of you lucky enough to live within close proximity of one of the three restaurants of the … [more]

Olympia Oysters

When I was a child I would on occasion accompany my father to his shop in downtown Baltimore. He paid me the princely sum of $.06 and hour to clean until the salesman unionized on my behalf and … [more]

Fish Sandwich

Last night we had Crispy pan fried red snapper and this afternoon my kids pulled the leftover fish out of the fridge and started preparing their own lunch. This recipe is for them. [more]

Ox Tail Soup

This is one of my favorite soups. It is as simple as it is delicious, provided you have the time to let the soup simmer. The key is starting the soup the day before leaving plenty of time to simmer … [more]

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of warm tomato soup and a finger of a good grilled cheese to dunk in it. This is a homemade classic menu the whole family will fall in love with. Prep … [more]

Fettuccini carbonara with steamed broccoli on the side

Let’s face it, we all have those days when we simply need to throw something on the table, get the kids to bed and then pour ourselves a good cocktail. So here’s a menu for some Italian comfort … [more]

Chicken & Cornbread Menu

This menu of Chicken Cutlets , Blanched Okra and Cornbread is a family favorite. My kids love to mix the batter for the cornbread and to roll the chicken in the breadcrumbs. By the time the food hits … [more]

Tomato and Mozerella Omelette

Here’s a simple and tasty omelet that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or any lazy morning spent reading the paper with classical music wafting in the background. I highly recomend enjoying this … [more]

The Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz

Recently a friend brought over a bottle of this sparkling shiraz and admitted with a guilty smile that he was kind of hooked. I took one sip and knew why, for I too was hooked. This dark blood red … [more]