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Wok fried rapini and shrimp

Here is a really tasty, really fast, and really simple dish that you can prepare when time is of the essence. It is light, and the fresh bold flavor of the rapini blends perfectly with the ginger, … [more]

Ribeye steak on a gas grill

Cooking ribeye steak on a gas grill is a relatively simple job and one that is most rewarding. Ribeye does best when cooked on a high heat, so be sure to preheat the grill prior to cooking. I highly … [more]

Tuna penne with rocket arugula and lemon

Our dear friend Jennie, who spent six months in Rome, came back with this amazingly delicious and simple recipe that is quintessential Roman. This Tuna penne with arugula and lemon recipe is one of … [more]

Champagne & shrimp risotto

This is a great, simple and delicious risotto recipe. It is easy to prepare provided you are willing to spend the 20 or so minutes required to be standing by the stove top stirring. But the results … [more]

The Santa Monica Farmer's Market Cookbook

You don’t have to live in Santa Monica to enjoy this wonderful cookbook that captures the fresh spirit of farmer’s market and translates that into simple, seasonal, easy and fun recipes. … [more]

Meyer lemon ice cream

This recipe was inspired by the wonderful “ Santa Monica Farmer’s Cookbook ” by Amelia Saltsman and it is as delicious as it is easy. [more]

No-Knead Rustic Bread Recipe

This recipe is derived from Jim Lahey’s My Bread cookbook which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make delicious and simple breads. The primary requirement for making this rustic round … [more]

Eastern European style potato latkes

I remember my aunt being an excellent cook and Potato latkas were one of her specialities. Here is her recipe. The trick is to makes sure to properly drain the liquid from the potatoes and to fry on … [more]

Neal’s Yard Dairy, London

Cheese! Need I say more! If you are in or anywhere near the UK, stop by Neil’s Yard for the finest collection of farm cheeses sourced from across the British Isles. I prefer to choose cheese in … [more]

Champagne risotto

Here is a really nice variation on John’s Saffron risotto . The champagne brings a delicate sweetness to the rice. Better yet you can sip the leftover champagne while you are stirring that … [more]