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La Creperie de Hampstead

The creperie in Hampstead opened in 1980 and has had a line outside it ever since. These are crepes with Parisian flair, authentic, filling, reasonably priced and consistently delicious. It is worth … [more]

Anchor Pub

Samuel Pepys sat at this pub and watched London burn in 1666. William Shakespeare drank here (it’s alongside the original site of the Globe theatre) and Christopher Wren would have a pint after … [more]

Huntington Meats

Finding a good butcher is so important. And establishing a good relationship matters too. They don’t come much better than the guys at Huntington Meats. Their product is excellent, their … [more]

Asian pear in sake

This is an Asian twist on a classic poached pear recipe. [more]

Slow cooked English bangers

Close your eyes and picture this. It’s Sunday morning. You’re in bed and the sun through the window tells you it’s some time past 10am but not yet midday. You have finished reading … [more]

Goat Roti

I wish I knew more about wine. More often than not I will pick something I have had before rather than try new stuff. I was in an unfamiliar market the other day and grabbed a bottle nearest me that … [more]

Step away from the stove

My brother invited me over for a scotch a while ago, an offer impossible to refuse (he has a wonderful collection). We sat in his kitchen sipping a gorgeous Glenlivet while his nine-year-old daughter … [more]

Creamy mashed potatoes

Mash potatoes… funny business really. Some people like them lumpy, some with skins on, some with herbs, some with mustard. I have seen pureed mash that looks more like cream. I guess to each … [more]

Pita Break

Unfortunately, the amazing products of this company are available only to Canadians and purveyors of Wild Oats in the US (just the crackers though). They make the finest pita bread on the planet. … [more]

Beet and walnut salad

I love farmers’ markets. This salad was an amalgam of some of the best things I found in my shopping bag following my last trip. [more]