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Scallops on toast

I invited a good friend for dinner this weekend. Given her penchant for fish, I visited my local fish market and was instantly taken with the fresh scallops which were extraordinarily plump and … [more]

Barbecued banana

The coals are dying down. The last remnants of charred meat are removed from the barbecue and you are wondering what to do with that glorious, fading heat. There is only one thing to do. Indulge … [more]

Borough Market

London’s oldest food market has stood just south of the river by London Bridge for 250 years. If you are in London, you should make a visit here a priority. It is open to the public Thursday … [more]


My mum made the best custard. As the youngest, I would often get my pudding first. I would have my bowl licked clean before she had finished serving my siblings and then I would convince her that she … [more]

Simple asparagus

Asparagus season in England lasts only a few weeks. They should be eaten at least once a day during this time. And there is no better way than gently boiled and eaten with melted butter. [more]

Things to put on matzah

Tired of strawberry jam on your matzah? Here are some alternative suggestions. Please add your own ideas to the list. [more]

Passover menu

The Seder night meal is a challenging one to pull off. Think about it. You probably have a houseful, you may have an hour at the table before the food comes out (which means you won’t want to … [more]


As a young child, I came to fear Sunday afternoons. This was a special time, reserved for teas with my elderly aunts and uncles. Why so scary? Imagine being greeted by an Aunty Betty or Uncle Harry , … [more]

Jewsian Chicken Soup

A Jew turns to a Chinaman and says “my chicken soup is better than yours!” “Really…” he replies. “My people have been cooking chicken soup for thousands of … [more]

Hold the pizza

I read an article at CNN’s website that described the junk food junkie’s wildest dream come true — pizza as health food . It discussed a way in which chemists at the University of … [more]