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Short-rib ragu

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” my father tells me every time I do something that reminds me of him. I am not too dissimilar and there is little doubting I am my father’s son, so I … [more]


If there was a temple for lasagne, I would worship there as a devotee on a regular basis. (You can read more about my devotion to it here ). It is one of the most comforting of all foods, in my … [more]

The Tao of Lasagne

Some years ago I was handed a book along with a you-have-to-read-this instruction. “It will change your life”, my friend said. I duly read the book (which didn’t take too long … [more]

Simply spaghetti

I was in Tuscany in a place of dreams. It was summer and, even though the sun had gone, it was still as warm as England’s hottest day. I sat on a terrace wondering if any view could be more … [more]

Eggy mash

I was a sickly lad. “The runt of the litter” my dad would often say. It was true that my three older siblings were much bigger than me, but that seemed reasonable enough given their extra … [more]

Herby yoghurt

I had a lovely piece of lamb for dinner with couscous. I found a tub of Greek Yoghurt in the fridge (which was at the end of its use-by life) and I also had on hand a bucketful of herbs I had just … [more]

Chilled añejo

It was an accident waiting to happen. I was out of Cointreau, had only one half of a lime in the house and my ice-tray was empty. But I needed a drink and the fabulous añejo in the drinks cabinet … [more]

Pass the salt Mozart

As far as institutions go, there can be few with more pedigree than the BBC’s Desert Island Discs. It is a radio show that has been playing weekly for more than 60 years which invites a … [more]

Avocado on toast

This morning, while one of my daughters was tucking into the usual bowl of over-sugared cereal, another daughter chose an altogether healthier, and somewhat surprising, alternative. I watched as she … [more]

Strawberries with balsamic vinegar

There is something magical about a good strawberry and I still think the best way to enjoy them is with cream . But I was knocked out the first time I ate them with balsamic vinegar. Don’t be … [more]