Not really Bread and Butter Pudding?!

Finally, I’m here. After much pestering and generally being useless I am here and ready to melt your taste buds (i’ve never understood that phrase…who wants their taste buds melted….certainly not me, surely that’s the end of tasting….especially if they melt like the Terminator melted) Ok…sorry…here we go..


  • OK, don’t worry about quantities…I just guess!
  • Eggs….lets say three and two yolks
  • Sugar…quite a bit…200g
  • Cream and Milk….1 pint of
  • Kahlua….depends how much you like it
  • Brioche….sliced
  • Croissants….ripped
  • Chocolate…the best meltable chocolate


  • Bowl
  • Deep Dish
  • Whisk
  • Knife
  • Wine…you always need wine to cook (see Keith Floyd)


  1. Whisk together the eggs, milk, cream, sugar and kahlua into a creamy custardy concoction.
  2. Layer the brioche, chocolate and croissnats in the deep dish.
  3. Pour the kahlua concoction on top of the cakey stuff.
  4. Squash, squash and press until all the concoction has been absorbed.
  5. Sprinkle on some brown sugar to caramelise the top.
  6. Oven it. 30 mins or thereabouts at 180 c. It will be a bit wet and gooey but this is best, then cut into it and watch the custard ooze out. Yum

What you should know

If you are feeling really skinny then make some extra custard on the stove. It’s so bloody easy and delicious….Perhaps replace the kahlua with baileys and throw some banana’s into the mix!

Re: Not really Bread and Butter Pudding?!