"Cassia Cookies"- Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

This fantastic recipe was graciously given to me by my wonderful chemistry teacher. One day she brought them for class and everyone loved them. As a testament to their goodness: I really hate oatmeal … [more]

Flourless chocolate cake (Passover friendly)

I loved my grandmother. I would get a crisp new bank note every time I kissed her, half a jelly baby for a treat (I might have choked on a whole one, apparently) and the best chicken soup in the … [more]

Easy Peasy Chocolate Chip Cookies

My name is Eliza. I am 11 years old going on 12. I made these cookies at my school, and they were really, really, really yummy! And guess what? They’re really easy to make too! Hence the name: … [more]

White Trash Toffee

I can’t even begin to imagine how this recipe began but butter, sugar, chocolate? I’m in! With its salty sweet goodness, this is a major crowd pleaser. [more]

Devil's Food Cupcakes

I think Devil’s food cupcakes are heavenly, despite their name. I used a #43 star tip to pipe/spread a chantilly cream frosting on my cupcakes. But the result was “over-the-top … [more]

Chocolate mousse

Truly one of my all time favorites, this dessert is all about lots of air and bowls. Even the French word mousse means “lather” or “foam”. Properly made, it is light, airy and dissolves into … [more]

Valrhona Dark Chocolate

Why I recommend Valrhona dark bittersweet chocolate for baking… For starters, it’s French. Similar to champagne, French chocolate ranks at the top, in terms of taste and quality, among the … [more]

The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

I ran a sandwich round during my time at university and the most popular thing on the menu were the Chocolate Brownies….not just any brownies, people used to literally fight their way to the … [more]

Easy Chocolate Cake

This is a fast and easy chocolate cake that makes your whole kitchen smell wonderful when baking. I recall that when either my Mother or Grandmother were in a hurry, they would throw all the … [more]

Barbecued banana

The coals are dying down. The last remnants of charred meat are removed from the barbecue and you are wondering what to do with that glorious, fading heat. There is only one thing to do. Indulge … [more]

Not really Bread and Butter Pudding?!

Finally, I’m here. After much pestering and generally being useless I am here and ready to melt your taste buds (i’ve never understood that phrase…who wants their taste buds … [more]

No Bake Cookies

My Mother would have my ass for posting this…but I recieve so much from this site…I can’t resist giving something back! Especially something special…This is a great thing to … [more]

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Here’s a wonderful chocolate cake that is easy to make. It’s great for Pesach but is good all year round. [more]

Homemade Chocolate Marshmallows

It’s snowing here in the east and nothing is better then coming in from the cold and drinking hot chocolate with these homemade marshmallows or cooking them over a roaring fire. But, be careful, … [more]

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

Next to the french fry, the chocolate chip cookie is a nearly perfect food. It is without question one of my husband’s favorite things to eat — period. Thus, I was determined to try and … [more]

Chocolate (Bittersweet) recipe

There are two ways for creating bittersweet chocolate. 1) For 1 oz mix: ½ oz unsweetened chocolate 1 Tbsp granulated sugar. 2) For 1 oz mix: 3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 1 Tbsp granulated … [more]

Chocolate Frosting

This is a firmer chocolate frosting that goes great with a classic, yellow cake or for that matter, any cake. This recipe makes about 2 cups frosting. [more]

Molten Chocolate Cakes with Kirsch Sauce

This is a chocolate lovers dream. I made this for my wife on her birthday. There’s nothing like a gift of intense chocolate wrapped in a delicate cake to set the mood. This recipe makes a romantic … [more]

Rum & Espresso Devil's Food Cake

In the midst of many instances where I have baked and recipes that I’ve created, fused together, or taken from a book have gone wrong, there comes a certain point where we, as culinary … [more]

Chocolate Amaretti

Here is a twist on a classic Italian cookie, CHOCOLATE! Who doesn’t love this dynamic duo. Makes about 24. [more]

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