Satisfying Burp Feast

The japanese miso paste is my new wonder drug for gastric problems. Rather than pop histamine antagonists to counter flatulence and gastric wall inflammation, its so much tastier to down a big hot bowl of miso soup with yummy bites in it. And it works! No more bloating, and indigestion because your stomach is unhappy. Does good for cholesterol and toxin issues too!


  • Multi-purpose red miso paste
  • Wong-Bok leaves
  • Bean Curd (look for those ideal for soup or steaming)
  • Your fav fish - I usually use fatty salmon belly or head, or nice cod.
  • Shitake Shrooms
  • Shimeji Shrooms
  • Crab Sticks (optional)
  • Chili Padi
  • Top grade light soya sauce
  • chopped garlic
  • 1 lime


  • Soup spoon
  • Fine sieve
  • Your fav comfort pot


  1. Cut fish into bite size chunks
  2. Rinse out and slice shitakes
  3. Rinse out and get rid of the bottom bits of the shimeji shrooms so they separate easily
  4. Cut wong-bok into bitesize chunks
  5. Cube beancurd (I usually have the whole rectangle of beancurd on my hand and draw 3 rows and 4 columns with my knife)
  6. Boil a pot of water
  7. Add in all ingredients, starting with the wong-bok and ending with the fish
  8. Bring it back up to a boil, and slow down to a simmer
  9. Simmer for as much as you want to reduce the soup (the more it reduces, the more flavor)
  10. Add in the miso paste through the sieve to rid impurities
  11. How much miso depends on your preference so taste it as you go.

Dipping sauce for the yummy bites in the soup

  1. Slice up the chili padi with or without the seeds (I like a good hot sauce so I keep all seeds in)
  2. Pour a saucer dish with soya sauce, add chili and chopped garlic
  3. Add juice of 1 lime and mix well

What you should know

Never boil once the miso has been added in to maintain the active enzymes in the paste. Keeping it at a friendly minimal simmer is more than good enough. Its also a full meal this soup, and can be enjoyed best on chilly evening. Look out for the burp fest after though.

Oh yah, for those who aren’t sure, a wong-bok is a chinese wrap veg, sorta like a chinese cabbage, but long instead of round. Leaves have a kind of frill around the stem.

Re: Satisfying Burp Feast

Have you tried chicken matzo ball soup? ;-)

Re: Satisfying Burp Feast

No I haven’t…. What is it? heeheehee…

Food is great. Cooking is way better.

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Jewish penicillin! Chicken broth with balls made of ground matzo and chicken fat!

When Marilyn Monroe married Arthur Miller, she ate dinner one night at his parents and was given Matzo balls. She asked his mother “do Jews eat any other part of the bull?”

Re: Satisfying Burp Feast

Hmm…. I think I’ll try to find it here in Singapore. Seems like a comfort yummy thing to have when sick in bed. As long as my boyfriend doesn’t prepare it… never know what he’ll put in there. haha

Food is great. Cooking is way better.

Re: Satisfying Burp Feast