Pistachio-Miso Crusted Salmon

Is one whom eats fish, and only fish, as of recently from complete vegetarianism…still a vegetarian? THAT is the question. In the process of my many recent experimentations with fish…this … [more]


Miso is a bean paste that is a key ingredient to Japanese cuisine. Made from fermented soybean, it falls into three basic categories, barley miso, rice miso and soybean miso. [more]

Black cod with miso

I first ate black cod at Nobu’s in the company of a really good chef. I had not tasted fish quite as delicate and delicious as this. How can anyone create such perfection? My chef friend, … [more]

Satisfying Burp Feast

The japanese miso paste is my new wonder drug for gastric problems. Rather than pop histamine antagonists to counter flatulence and gastric wall inflammation, its so much tastier to down a big hot … [more]

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