615 North Le Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
1 (323) 929 1148

We stumbled upon Cube quite by chance when in the neighborhood. If only we all could all stumble so fortuitously every day! This is a corner of LA that should be frequented by all food lovers on a regular basis.

Cube is part of The Divine Pasta Company (which itself produces some of the best pasta products on the market). It is both restaurant and deli and uniquely creates little separation between the two. So while you are ordering lunch, you can browse the shelves of exquisite cheeses, cured meats, take-home pastas and a wide-range of other delicacies. I defy anyone to leave Cube without a substantial doggy bag!

The staff love food and are more than happy to instruct, inspire and enthuse about what is available. They can tell you the precise characteristics of any given cheese, where it was produced and, often, by whom (and I mean the actual person). They champion the smallest of producers, bringing to their customers only the very best of what is available.

This is a place to lose yourself in all the things that are best about food, among people who care just as much as you do about what you eat.

Re: Cube

Try the nicoise salad, the mac and cheese and an assorted charcuterie and cheese platter. All fantastic items on their menu.

Re: Cube

I was fortunate enough to have a friend recommend Cube as a venue for my most recent birthday dinner in November. They have a “private” room — what appears to be a converted meat locker off of the kitchen — that holds 10-12 people at a large square table. If you guarantee 10-12 guests, you can reserve the room free-of-charge. Even better, however, was that I was able to create the menu for the evening with the chef (from Cube’s existing fare) and was allowed to bring my own wine. The end result was a fabulous 5-course dinner for 10 of my friends (complete with personalized copies of the evening’s menu), our own dedicated server and personal selection of wine. I presume that they still offer this option and can’t recommend it highly enough!