DeLonghi Deep Fryer

After my last deep fryer died, I went into a period of mourning. I gave up on making my buttermilk fried chicken and could nary touch a French fry let alone cheat with a luscious looking doughnut. I tried to look at others but nothing caught my eye. Finally as the holiday’s approached I prepared to get back into the game. With great reluctance I went shopping — and fell in love!

I almost didn’t buy this model as it looked to shallow. But I realized that although the bottom my be angled the basket spins at a constant rate of speed. This DeLonghi needs half the oil of a standard deep fryer. Only one 48 oz bottle will fill it sufficiently. Not only was she a looker, but also she was a cheap date. Be still my beating heart.

The top is attached via a hinge which greatly reduces the chances of spilling hot oil. The basket and other mechanisms are sturdy and well constructed. The oil heats to maximum temperature with a acceleration that matches the hot little mid life crises sport car I have my eye on. A little hose pops out of the bottom front for easy draining and cleaning is breeze compared to my recently departed. I even find the timer handy when making my fried chicken.

This is an affair to remember.

Re: DeLonghi Deep Fryer

There is not a more perfect food than a batch of french fries, just fried and piping hot. This fryer makes delicious fries and yummy potato pancakes.