Lello Gelato Junior ice cream maker

When my wife first got pregnant I broke down and bought the fancy ice cream maker she had been asking for ever since we got married. I did the research and bought the Lello Gelato Jr., made one batch … [more]

Cuisinart Commercial Ice Cream Maker

If you are serious about having fun making ice cream and sorbet, then this is the machine to get. I love that it has a built in refrigeration unit so you don’t have to mess with making room in … [more]

Vita-Mix Professional Blender

The first time I laid eyes on this super charged blender all I could think was that it was over kill. Oh how wrong I was. Yes this powerhouse crushes ice with ease, and is perfect if you make lots of … [more]

Zojirushi® Neuro-Fuzzy® Logic Rice Cooker

Do you really need to spend 200 smackers on a rice cooker — of course not. But if you make rice as much as I do, then you should seriously consider this easy to use rice cooker that really does … [more]

DeLonghi Deep Fryer

After my last deep fryer died, I went into a period of mourning. I gave up on making my buttermilk fried chicken and could nary touch a French fry let alone cheat with a luscious looking doughnut . I … [more]


There are two things I take with me to any holiday cottage - a sharp knife and a humble steamer. The old fashioned petal steamer is my favourite - fits any pan - but I have 3 types, the bamboo … [more]

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