Lello Gelato Junior ice cream maker

When my wife first got pregnant I broke down and bought the fancy ice cream maker she had been asking for ever since we got married. I did the research and bought the Lello Gelato Jr., made one batch and discovered that she was the first woman in the history of birthing to develop an aversion to ice cream while pregnant.

This is the newer model of that ice cream maker. Mine has been cranking out great ice cream in my kitchen for over five years. I love the ease of use and have never had a problem. There are two buttons one for chill and one for churn. Simply add your ice cream base and hit go. The chime lets you know when to turn the churn button off. Nothing could be easier.

This is one of those products that brings a lot of fun to the kitchen. I love experimenting with different flavors and all the kids in the neighborhood love to help out. The ice cream isn’t half bad either.

Makes 1 quart at a time