Marlow and Sons

81 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
11211 USA
(718) 384-1441

Ok, I admit, because I am selfish, I am a little hesitant to recommend this restaurant. Hesitant because it is SO GOOD that I am afraid I’ll never get a table there again if too many people find out about it. But, here it goes.

Marlow and Sons, in Brooklyn, is hands down my favorite place to eat in all of New York, and perhaps, in the entire world.

By day, Marlow is a specialty shop showcasing delicious local cheeses, artisan honey, fresh produce, cured meats, and house made pastries. By night, it is a cozy restaurant with a constantly changing menu of the most delectable treats. Think thick, juicy pork belly with braised greens, poached egg, and a sweet balsamic reduction. Or arugula with roasted squash, buttery fried polenta nuggets and ricotta cheese. Or perhaps just a plate of tissue thin, amazingly textured prosciutto sliced while you watch. Yeah. It’s that good. AND it won’t break the bank. Not to mention the outstanding wine list and unbelievable cocktail menu.

I have eaten there more times in the last month than I can remember. I was there with ten friends for my birthday and was treated like royalty. The next week, dinner with a visiting friend in the intimate space was the highlight of her trip. After my art opening, my parents and I enjoyed a meal there just last week.

I always end up there, even when I make a point of trying something new. There just isn’t anywhere else where I enjoy my meals quite so much.

And if that doesn’t sell you, I’ve got three words: Oyster Happy Hour. Everyday.

Re: Marlow and Sons

Cecily, this recommendation leaves me in little doubt that I have to come to New York soon. This place sounds wonderful. I can’t wait.