Chesapeake Boiled Turkey with Chestnut Sauce

Here is a historical alternative for cooking a turkey. I’ve cooked turkeys in the traditional manner and have even deep-fried them with my brother in North Carolina but this one is interesting. … [more]

Scalloped Oysters

This is one of my favorite dishes for Thanksgiving but, I will make it anytime oysters are available. This recipe makes about 6 servings. [more]

Olympia Oysters

When I was a child I would on occasion accompany my father to his shop in downtown Baltimore. He paid me the princely sum of $.06 and hour to clean until the salesman unionized on my behalf and … [more]

Marlow and Sons

Ok, I admit, because I am selfish, I am a little hesitant to recommend this restaurant. Hesitant because it is SO GOOD that I am afraid I’ll never get a table there again if too many people … [more]

Eat Oysters in months with an "r"?

Is there any truth to the old yarn about only eating oysters in a month with a letter “r” in the name? If so, why are oysters safe to eat in March but off limits in May? [more]

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